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I'm Emily and I like Misha Collins, Homestuck, and Fall Out Boy.
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i want my otp to 

  • wear large sweaters
  • wear cute cardigans
  • eat waffles with fresh strawberries
  • eat takeout while cuddling on the couch
  • go camping and argue about pitching the tent
  • attack each other with their cold hands
  • watch terribly campy movies and love them
  • be oblivious about dating until they realise it’s the fifth week they’ve shared meals and they’re arguing about a chore wheel

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harry potter covers: bloomsbury signature edition

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is that who i think it is, and was this a joke 

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Le Beauty Exorcist

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saw this tip jar at my Dairy Queen today and lost it at tipiosa

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“beauty sleep” is such bullshit I sleep 12 hours a day and I still look like a trashcan

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So I bought a car today

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this is my new tattoo and *gasp* its homestuck! XD but there is a good reason
some ppl have called me stupid immature and even retarded for getting this homestuck/music tattoo 
really people? you dont know my reason. my non homestuck friends called me a wannabe and a idiot saying thats its just a web comic. 
the reason i got the homestuck tattoo is because this comic truely did change my life. i wouldnt no 98% of my closest friends with out this comic. most people think i just got into this comic because it was popular. no i did not. i hated homestuck for awhile. but one day i was at a con it was the friday of the con and i was calling my friends who had said i could stay in there room with them. they didnt answer.walking around all alone i then noticed my wallet was completely gone. all my money and everything i found them later and they said they wouldn’t let me stay in the room because i didn’t have the 15$ for the room.. so im like 4 hours away from my home alone in this new city i didn’t have ANYONE AT ALL.  i was so upset. i was lonely sad and scared mainly because those “friends” where my room and ride home.so i sat down and i was just about to text my mom. i started crying and a gamzee came out of no where and said “whats wrong lil motherfucker are you alright?” i looked at him and said no and told him what happened  he then said “oh hell no. stay right here. ill be right back.” he then came back with a karkat a jake and a dirk and they pick up my suitcases and stuff and the gamzee says “come on sweetheart we are gonna take care of you. are you hungry? are you ok?” i was in so much disbelief. i hated homestucks. i stood up and said i was fine even tho i was a bit hungry. 
the dirk looked at me and told his friends to take my stuff up to the room and that he was gonna go get me something to eat i went up with them to there hotel room kinda scared and sat on the bed i couldn’t stop crying. the karkat then got on its knees in front of me and said “listen i understand if you dont want to stay with us because you dont know us. if thats the case tell me now and i will go get you another room here at the hotel ok.” i just look at the karkat and hug him. they were so nice.  i decided to stay with them. later i hung out with them the entire con. they were so nice and they let me hang out with there huge group of homestuck and everyone was soooo nice to me. at the end of the con i still didnt have a ride home. but then the gamzee said ill drive you home, it was untill she drove me 4 hours to my house that she said he lived about 45 mins from the con we were just at. i lost contact with these people awhile back but they all changed my life. this fandom is the best one i have been apart of. i am so glad to be apart if all this. if anyone knows who these lovely human beings are please tell them thank you. <3 i love you homestuck fandom

We love you too. <3 Beautiful tattoo.

i love you guys more! XD and thanks i made me myself! 

omfg this had like 15 notes i take a shower and fucking poof like 67 notes! dfgibpfdkjbdfbncfknhdcfxkb i <3 all 

this story is so sweet


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my life is perfect like holy shit

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I had my boyfriend who smokes use matches for a few days instead of a lighter and record the date and time and whatever he was thinking about while smoking. 

It’s funny that he quit smoking a few weeks after this project. 

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